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Forskolin is an active substance of the plant wheelus forskolia (Coleus Forskohlii). Forskolin increases the body's production of free testosterone (proven by independent research), resulting in an increase in libido, a gain in dry muscle mass. In the same study, forskolin also contributed to the reduction of body fat. It was with this study that the active use of foreskolin in sports nutrition began. The vasodilating effect of foreskolin, which is also useful in bodybuilding, therefore, it improves muscle nutrition. Forskolin - testosterone booster based on Coleus Forskohlii plant extract. Thanks to a significant increase in testosterone levels (up to 17% according to independent studies), dry muscle mass growth is accelerated. In addition, forskolin acts on the thyroid gland, which increases the production of goromes responsible for fat burning in the body. According to research data, Foskolin is currently the most powerful, natural testosterone booster with virtually no side effects.

What is foreskolin and does it really help with weight loss?

Forskolin is a chemical compound derived from the root of the Coleus forskohlii plant, a member of the mint family. The plant can be found in Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Nepal as well as in parts of India. Its teardrop-shaped leaves are green with a bright purple center. The root stock is typically golden brown, thick and fibrous. The roots are harvested in the fall when forskolin is at its most concentrated. The tropical plant has been used since ancient times in both Ayurvedic and Hindu medicine. Locals boiled the root of the coleus, which contains the forskolin. “The root is then ground into a powder and used for medicinal purposes,” explains Bart Wolber, researcher at Nature Builds, who holds dual masters degrees in clinical health science and philosophy of science and technology. “The process is similar to using turmeric, dandelion, or cinnamon for achieving health benefits.” Forskolin has been used historically to treat a range of heart issues (high blood pressure, chest pain, congestive heart failure and hypertension) as well as eczema, colic, insomnia, asthma, and respiratory disorders (3). More recently, it’s been touted as a dietary supplement for weight loss. Western scientists discovered the potent root in 1974, and initially referred to it as coleonol. Eventually, the name was changed to forskolin, after the Finnish botanist Forskal (3). Many of the perceived health benefits have not been proven, due to the size of the studies and the fact that many of the experiments take place in a petri dish rather than in humans. That said, “some recent research is promising,” says Wolber.

How to Use Forskolin ?

Forskolin is available in a variety of forms, including teas, capsules, liquid drops, powder that you can blend into smoothies or mix with yogurt, tinctures and teas. Most high-quality supplements you’ll come across will list Coleus forskohlii root extract under ingredients. Check the label to see if a forskolin product contains unnecessary additives, such as binders and fillers. Also look for a brand that’s third-party tested for quality, safety, and purity. Experts suggest taking 250 milligrams once or twice a day on an empty stomach. “Forskolin can be activating,” says Wolbers, “so it’s best to take before breakfast and lunch.” He suggests avoiding the supplement later in the day because it might stimulate wakefulness, which prevents sleep. If you’re considering forskolin, make sure to check with your physician first, particularly if you are on any other medications.


Forskolin Side Effects:

Some negative reactions to forskolin that have been reported include rapid heartbeat and low blood pressure (13). Cough, tremor, and restlessness have been observed when forskolin is inhaled (14) (as in the asthma studies). In terms of supplementation, the adverse effects are minimal. “The only one that has been reported is more frequent and loose bowel movements,” says Dugarte. “In addition, there are no safety concerns reported at the typical dose of 500 milligrams/day (at 10 percent concentration).” However, he cautions that forskolin has not been evaluated in long-term trials and additional research is needed to determine the safety and contraindications associated with this supplement. Pregnant or nursing women should also avoid forskolin. There’s currently no relevant information published on the effects of forskolin on the health and well-being of pregnant women, lactating women, fetuses, or breastfed infants. Additionally, those with heart disease or on any heart-related medication should not take forskolin unless directed by a health care provider, since it can interact with blood pressure medications, calcium channel blockers, nitrates and anticoagulants.

Forskolin-250 Ingredients:

When you buy Forskolin, you get exactly what you want. Forskolin 250 mg and Forskolin 125 mg are available on the market. Its ingredients are, as promised, pure extracts of "Forskolin". Forskolin 250 (20% Coleus Forskohlii extract): Coleus Forskhlii or Indian Coleus, as it is usually called, is a plant native to the Asian continent known for its slimming, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It has a wide international reputation for its many health benefits, and being a plant derivative, the absence of extensive and complicated contraindications in its prospectus. Forskolin naturally promotes the action of the enzyme adenylate cyclase at the intracellular level, which in turn means an increase in the cyclic AMP mediator, extremely important in the transmission of hormonal and enzymatic signals and processes. Among the varied and complex cycles in which it participates is that of lipolysis, the process through which fats move from adipose tissue to be used as an energy reserve. This, in turn, "decomposes" the fat blocks, eliminating them to be used by the body. It can be seen notoriously because the Forskolin compound has been on the rise as one of the most effective supplements for weight loss, and overall health improvement.

Why do they take Forskolin-250 ?

Forskolin is a natural supplement that not only helps enormously in the battle with weight, but has overall health benefits proven by years of presence in ancient Asian medicine. It has even been endorsed by scientific studies and recommended by health professionals. That said, a product consisting exclusively of an effective plant extract, ways of acting covering all spheres of fat elimination and numerous happy customers worldwide, speaks for itself. If, despite a healthy lifestyle and having tried the most varied methods of weight loss, you have not succeeded, perhaps it is time to try Forskolin. Even if you have just started on the path to weight loss, this supplement has a solid foundation in the world of weight loss to put it on a priority site on your list to try.

Nuestra opinión sobre Forskolin:

At the top of the food additives, whose reputation precedes Forskolin 250, you hear every day Forskolin 250, which is increasingly mentioned in the world of food additives as an effective and other option, with a proven mechanism of action and reliable evidence to support it. This product has even been recommended by Forskolin on well-known TV programs of a health-improving nature in a generally positive opinion. The complex cascade of biochemical reactions, which is enhanced by Forskolin's intake, contrasts with the purity of its natural state in the plant extract, which is guaranteed for decades of Ayurvedic medicine. The absence of risks, formal contraindications and side effects that may be present in the use of prohibited substances and artificially manufactured substances is an unbeatable bonus that ensures even greater versatility and reliability of their use. In addition, unlike other dietary supplements, Forskolin does not contain any substances such as caffeine or milk, making it suitable for use in vegans.


When it comes to removing accumulated fat deposits, fighting hunger, which causes severe weight loss, and even achieving numerous antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in general, Forskolin is an ideal complement to its numerous, well studied functions. Measures such as diet, exercise, stress reduction and healthy lifestyles sometimes require the use of a weight loss booster to really work. If Forskolin is seen as a supplement and additional help for this purpose, the results can be enormous without the need for extreme choices or representative undesirable effects. It is no coincidence that Forskolin's excellent opinion has developed in the vast universe of alternative treatments. When a plant extract contains so many benefits, without any risk associated with complex chemical compositions, it is worth giving it a chance. After all, Forskolin and its companions in a natural food additive are the future of safe and effective weight loss.